Monday, January 12, 2009

Fish fry

Caution: The following subject still may be controversial!

Pictured below is a Sierra-Nevada yellow-legged frog named "Bertha," a female who came to hang out at our lake after a substantial portion of the fish were removed. Bertha: find a mate, and tell your friends!

I had a really great time in the back country of the Sierras. I learned valuable wilderness survival skills, made great friends with two other scientist-hardcore-backpacker girls, and got to live in the most beautiful wilderness area of California for months on end! 

In the end, the most important lesson for all of us is that sometimes we must go to great measures to reverse previous policy mistakes and restore the natural conditions of our environment, even if it is at the expense of rainbow beauties. Yes, they eat frog tadpoles, but no, it's not their fault. We are the ones who planted them in the lakes! Alas, now we must take them back out again (which I will tell you is not as easy as flying overhead with a plane).

Sidenote: In my expert opinion, I think we should hire some freshwater dolphins that specialize on trout and plant them in the lakes for a few days... or maybe bull sharks or something. That would take care of 'em. 

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